Pleasurize Music

4 12 2009

I came across a website today called the Pleasurize Music Foundation. The foundation’s aim is to promote the reasoning behind good use of dynamic range to both music industry professionals and the music listening public.

An idea they have come up with is the Dynamic Range Meter, a program that measures the dynamic range in a song and gives it a value, ranging from DR4 to DR14. The DR Value “represents the grade of compression of released music in an easy to understand and standardized whole number system”. A song with a DR value of 4 would have a dynamic range of around 4dB, meaning that the song is very compressed, wheras a song with a DR value of 14 would have a lot of dynamic range.

If the Meter became standard practice in the music industry, then it may be of a huge benefit to everyone from student sound engineers, music listeners, and music professionals alike. However, record labels have been known in the past to be wary of new ideas and technology when creating music (the most famous being their missed opportunity in helping to create a format of distributing music fairly online. As a result, music was file-shared online freely and without consequence for a number of years, losing the record labels millions upon millions of pounds in the process.)




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